Radio Meteor Detection Collaboration Project.

When I first got interested in Radio Meteor Detection using Graves a common question among other amateur Radio Astronomers was did you record an event that i recorded ?. From that simple question the Radio Meteor Detection Collaboration Project started The contributors would submit a monthly log file which was then imported into a searchable database and where possible an imaged for events was also included. As this stage it was simply a repository to look contributors to look to see who else may have caught an event As the database grew we looked into what else we may do with the data - noting of course that every Contributors setup is different, PC Timings vary and each contributor takes a different approach - these factors immediately restrict how much actual science can be done with the data.

However there are some things we do:

Based on the assumption that each contributors setup is stable and they take a consistent approach in how they clean up data etc we are able to produce monthly trends so you can quite easily see the peaks around meteor showers for instance and also when Graves is down - we could take this further and perhaps look at months over a number years and see if there are any trends ?

The graph below shows Radio Meteor Events for Aug 2020 for all contributors and then Mean of the Norm is then calculated and plotted as the black line going across the month, the Perseids Peak can clearly be seen.
Aug 2020

We do look Coincidences this is where 3 or more contributors record a Long Duration Event (10 seconds or greater) within a second of each other
These are at this stage a coincidence and not a match - the database produces a report and when examined some are without a doubt a Match.


Our latest project is Radio Mapping which may allow us to match Video and Radio events which in turn may allow us undertake some good science. Read more about the Radio Mapping here .

If you want any more information or feel you can help in any way please do get in touch